The problem with SEO and IT companies is that they are staffed with people that are great with coding and technical issues but when it comes to writing and understanding content they are found wanting. Everyone involved with online content production loves to use the phrase ‘content is King’ without having any basic understanding of what makes good content. They essentially want to create something that Google thinks is good content in order to improve rankings and visitor numbers from the search engines.

What Writing Formula Can I Use??!!

If you are not a writer then you have probably searched or asked others ‘how do I write?’ It is such a broad question and one that I now face with patience from clients and visitors to my websites because it takes some time to explain. Everyone wants an easy solution to creating great content but the trouble is, it doesn’t exist. If you don’t believe me then read through the free blogging advice on KJ Takes a Blog and you will find that there are so many ‘ifs and buts’ that you just cannot have an exact formula to work with.

The WORST step you can take is to try and find automated software to create your website content. I have even experienced working as an editor and having writers suggest this type of software – unfortunately they are still employed – as it helps you fill in sentences and suggests as you type. Essentially, it is a SPAM creation tool that requires little thought during the writing process and will not stand up to scrutiny from Google or your customers.

Breaking Down Online Content Myths

Good content is not cheap content. Good content is not quick to create. Remember these two points when you are sourcing or writing content for your business online. Most businesses think that just because it is online that it doesn’t have to live up to a certain writing standard. This is a huge mistake as a potential customer may read your content and quickly change their mind about your products or services.

Here are some of the BIGGEST online content creation myths propagated by companies and terrible online writers:

  • “Just write your own online content!” – This can be a big no-no for many business owners simply because they are not writers. It may also be because of time constraints and is the typical advice given by a writer. Invest in an online content creator to manage these things instead.
  • “Don’t link to anyone, it affects SEO” – This one really ticks me off because I love to link to relevant, and value adding material. I also like to add relevant videos to my own posts from other sources such as Youtube. Linking to highly relevant material elsewhere online gives your content more relevance.
  • “Just concentrate on keywords and links” – While this is important, how hard is it to have some non-SPAM, non-link building content on your website? Not hard at all, and I have used it on many sites and it works sooooo much better than generic advice articles or general business gibberish. HAVE SOME FUN WITH YOUR ONLINE CONTENT!

Your Online Content – Your Business Personality

A business blog or other online content related to your business needs to reflect your branding or ‘business personality’. If you have a young, funk brand then avoid boring advice and how to articles and have some funny videos, witty posts and lots of visual candy (pictures people!). Remember, your business is your business! Make your online content your own and don’t listen to IT geeks telling you what you need to do – only you know what you really need for your business. It is much better to create less online content of a higher quality than to be adding to your blog daily.

I know this hasn’t taught you ‘how to write’ for your business, but I hope it has opened your mind to what you could really be doing to make your online content pop!