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While the news of a WordPress upgrade is generally a good thing you will want to think and check carefully before you start what should be a basic upgrade. The main issues for the upgrade isn’t the added functionality but the way it can ‘break’ many installs because of various problems with MySQL and PHP. This may seem rather boring but this will mean on many hosting packages that if you hit that big sign that says “Update Now” you will be left with a non-functional website. For one of my hosting packages I have already rescued an install after ‘testing’ the 3.2 upgrade.

In the good news front you really just have to check with your host what PHP version and what MySQL version you have on your particular package. With the upgrades the site should bring quite a few new features as well as a brand new ‘Twenty Eleven” theme. WordPress has also dropped support for ‘legacy’ browsers such as Internet Explorer Six, which is at least not affecting actual websites.

This is honestly the first time I have had any problems with a WordPress upgrade and I host with two different major hosts. So it will be interesting to see how many website owners hit that button to upgrade and find they can no longer access their admin panel or anything else on the site.

Just in case something has gone wrong on your WordPress 3.2 Install here is the solution to fix it:

  1. Pray to God you have a backup… yes, I know, we don’t always backup.
  2. If you don’t have a backup check your ‘backup’ program in your hosting, you should at least have something that says “weekly” backup.
  3. Grab a copy of the backup.
  4. Copy everything in your site root folder using an FTP program like Filezilla, followed by Wp-admin folder and that should revert your site back to a working version.
  5. If it doesn’t work after you have overwritten these files and single folder, try copying over the wp-includes, wp-plugins folders etc untilit isfunctioning again.

Don’t stress as you won’t have lost anything, the 3.2 upgrade errors essentially mean WordPress will not communicate with your databases anymore!

Seriously, if you are using WordPress as your content management system check carefully before upgrading!