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Google makes most of its money from advertising revenue and so it is always trying to remain on the cutting edge of online advertising. So much so that it has decided to ‘explain’ to consumers why they have particular ads targeted at them.

Why This Ad?

The types of ads that Google Adsense delivers has been known to be mainly from targeted search keywords. Likewise for websites, a user will see ads relevant to the site and their search history.

It is one of the most highly targeted advertising systems on the internet, if not the most highly targeted. While this is great for advertisers looking to target specific consumers it has increasingly raised concerns about search activity and privacy.

Google AdSense

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The new ads on Google have remained the same with the addition of a little link that explains the ad selection. The interesting thing about this is that you can (if logged into Google) opt out of targeted advertising.

While you can’t stop ads from appearing (adblocker anyone??) it does give you more choices with how your search data is used. It will be interesting to see how Google adapts to increasing demands for greater control of user data online.