1.7 billion active monthly users, 1.25 billion mobile users and 900 million active users – these are the staggering statistics of Facebook user activity. 49% customers support brands through their Facebook pages. These numbers are proof enough for businesses to have a Facebook page. Having a Facebook business page is a crucial part of every inbound marketing strategy.

Facebook is constantly upgrading and changing features. It is adding more strategic elements to make space for businesses and brands. For example, its recently launched WorkPlace allows organizations and its people to stay connected, communicate and engage in a single platform. This new platform is said to give Emails a run for their money!

Before we get into ‘Why it’s time to rejuvenate your Facebook page?’, let’s understand why it is important to create a Facebook business page in the first place.

  • Create brand awareness and loyalty amongst your customers
  • Boost reach to potential consumers
  • Increase lead generation rate
  • Increase reach to your target audience
  • Increase organic web traffic
  • Beat competition

Creating a Facebook page for a business is not enough. You need to drive effective results from it.

How to rejuvenate Facebook page for your business?

  1. Add a super-impactful cover photo – It takes only 5 seconds to judge a Facebook Page by its Cover. Make sure to have a cover photo that describes the page to your audience, the moment they land on it. Use high-quality images that are of 851×315 pixels.
  2. The image should be relevant to your brand / business – Keep changing the cover photo within a month’s interval period. This will change the pace amongst your users and provide them a new source of engagement.
  3. Profile picture optimization – Make sure to add a high-quality, clear and relevant profile picture on your Facebook page. It is necessary because these images appear on different posts, follower’s newsfeed, in your cover photo, comments, and others. Use a profile picture that is in a square shape.
  4. About Us info – Cover and profile photos of your Facebook page speak volume about your brand/business. Similarly, the About Us and description section convey important details to users. Make sure to add a descriptive, informative and unique content in this section. This particular section should answer questions that are in your target audience’s mind.
  5. Finally, keep posting content in different formats in your page – But the content should be related to your brand/business. Keep a mix of curated and original content. Publish posts at least 3 – 5 times a week. It’s necessary for engaging your consumers.

Updating and enhancing your Facebook page is as important as having one in the first place. It is a bridge of communication between you and your target audience.