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The new Google plus one button is an attempt by the biggest search engine to muscle in on the territory of twitter and face-book. For some time the search engine has been eyeing off the extra billions they can squeeze into their monopoly and it seems Google has learnt nothing from the experiences of Microsoft. With anti-competition and privacy concerns a big deal on the modern internet it seems strange that a company like Google is still trying to bulldoze any and all competitors.

What is the Plus One Button?

The plus one button is a really sad attempt by google to create their very own “like” button or “re-tweet” button on websites. This will apparently lift search results as Google continues to make its search results irrelevant and increasingly skewed towards businesses that pay money to Google or use their services more frequently.

When you press a “plus one” button on a site or article it publicly shows people on Google that you like it. I am assuming this is your friend network on google, and to be completely honest I am connected to no-one on Google apart from some professional work I do through google docs.

What is Google Trying to Achieve?

Google is attempting to be the one stop internet within the internet with this move which is perplexing to say the least when it would be much easier for Google to work more closely with sites like twitter. The worlds biggest search engine started out being so popular as they offered the best search around and it was simple but as the business has grown searches within google and working with google has become almost impossible.

While most of you might use google for advertising or revenue through ad-sense have you ever tried to contact them? For such a big company google is renowned for its awful customer service. They are simply too big to care about smaller businesses and a little “+1” button won’t help google become more interactive.

The Coming Death of Google

The internet changes very quickly and usually takes about 5 years or so for old skin to peel off and fresh looks to be revealed. Google has aged and is part of the ‘old internet’ along with Face-book. These are modern digital dinosaurs and sites like twitter lead the way in a watered down, faster, more efficient internet.

No-one cares what you think any more Google, most of us stopped relying on you for traffic some time ago. If you work with a proper social media campaign through twitter you will get thousands more visitors, less hassles and less secretive garbage about ‘algorithms’. Seriously, Google, you need to have a “minus” button for yourself.