I see that many of you looking to start an online business are also looking for the best products to sell.

With that in mind Online Business Thought has put together this list of the top ten selling products of all time.

While these are individual products, they do reveal a wealth of information on the types of niches that can be profitable in an online environment.

Most Popular Product Categories to Sell Online

Before you read the list I would say that the most profitable products to sell or promote online would fall into the following categories:

  • Electronics and Gaming
  • Cars and Related Merchandise
  • Toys
  • Medication and Health Products
  • Music, Movies and other Entertainment

While you will want to find a nice little niche for yourself online, these popular verticals can help guide you to the right type of products to sell.

The Top 10 Selling Products of All Time:

1. Sony PlayStation

Sales: 344 million units

This first generation has spawned a number of new PlayStation models and has been a big part in the overall growth of console gaming over the last few decades.

2. Lipitor from Pfizer

Sales: $141 Billion

This drug designed to lower bad cholesterol in the body was a big breakthrough when it was developed and obviously beneficial to millions of people.

3. Toyota Corolla

Sales: 40.7 million units

This simple but reliable little car has been around for a while and it shows that this entry level of the car market can achieve great numbers. We can’t all drive a Mercedes Benz!

4. Star Wars Franchise

Sales: $4.6 billion

If you haven’t heard of the Star Wars movies then you’re probably living either a long time ago or in a galaxy far, far away (or both). George Lucas’ epic series set in space is still going strong with a new movie planned to be released soon as well as regular releases of cartoons and very popular video games like Battle Front.

5. Apple IPad

Sales: 211 million units

The Apple IPad was the first tablet computer to really break through to the mainstream market. While there are many competitors these days sales are still strong and new products (such as the IPad Mini) have been created.

6. Nintendo Mario Bros

Sales: 262 million units

Yep, this humble duo of two very active and jumpy plumbers has made a big impact on childhoods across the world (yes, I know many of us adults still play it too). This video game was perhaps the first to really show how home based gaming would take off into the future.

7. Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Sales: 70 million units

That’s a LOT of albums! I probably don’t need to, but here is the title track for the album anyway:

8. Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

Sales: 450 million units

A tale of young wizards set the literary (and later the movie) world on fire. There was just something MAGICAL (pun intended) about the young wizard with nerdy glasses and a cool scar… chicks love scars!

9. Apple IPhone

Sales: 516 million units

Just like the IPhone, Apple may not have invented smart phones, but they did bring them to a wider market. This was essentially a market that didn’t exist before now smart phones have created a number of industries with phone accessories and more importantly, phone apps!

10. Rubiks Cube

Sales: 350 million units

Yep, that’s over a quarter of a billion of these little colourful cubes that people have either given up on, solved with their own mind or simply peeled the stickers off and “solved it” anyway!

I hope that this gives all of you looking to start a new online business some ideas on which market to enter. Who knows, you might even be selling the next big thing!