Don’t be intimitaded by big business! (Photo credit: elminium)

So you have a small business and you feel like you have no chance at all of competing against the big brands of online ecommerce? Well, I am here to say that this isn’t the case at all and with the right investment, time, strategies and attitude you can take your pieces of the e commerce pie. Attitude is the most important part of competing with businesses that are much bigger than you because if you admit that you can’t compete, then they have already won.

Don’t Try for ALL the Customers

The mistake that many small businesses or first time internet retailers make is to try and compete directly with the big boys. Trying to get the levels of visits and purchases that a big company makes will be impossible. Instead, try for a regular increase in visitors and sales as well as exposure through social media. Think of it as an ecommerce snowball effect because like any business word of mouth is the best advertising.

So try and satisfy the demands of all of your current customers before you think about trying to get too big. Too many online sellers increase their marketing only to have stock and delivery options hit them hard. This will mean some very negative feed back online and off, so be a perfectionist when it comes to ecommerce planning and strategy!

Stick with the Products you Know

Staying with products and services that you know and are passionate about will make running and promoting your online business and setting up an ecommerce platform much easier. Trust me, customers actually seek out people like you because they don’t want the impersonal service and lack of product knowledge inherent in the big operators. By all means expand your product range or service offerings, but make sure you have a core business that you can be known as the expert.

A great thing about having a lot of knowledge about your products and services is that you can come up with some great blog ideas for you or an outsourced writer to complete. You can make your website a must visit destination for people looking for information and guides in your industry and niche.

Be Proud to be a Boutique Ecommerce Site

The most important thing in relation to marketing your online venture is to be proud to be small! This sounds strange, especially since you probably want your business to make money. However, people want to buy local and they want to buy from a trustworthy store. If your website has a very personal, yet professional tone, then you can convert these customers easily. Essentially, you don’t want the customers that the big operators have, you want the customers that are sick and tired of being treated like another number by big business.

Good luck with your online venture! Check out the rest of the site for more advice, or visit my long running blog that can help you with your ecommerce plan or website content creation.