As a professional website designer and writer I have been through a lot of website revamps for both clients and my own projects. It can be tricky not to want to change little things on your website when you see them every day or at least every week. However, this piecemeal approach to your business website will most likely leave you in tears. Instead, you should be aiming for a more robust website change over in the space of at least one month.

Redefine Your Business Site

Your first step towards a new business website to replace your aging one is to completely redfine it. What is it you want your customers to see? What services or products do you offer now that aren’t featured on your existing site?

  • Make a list of essential items for your new website.
  • Try and get some ideas for colours or images you may want to use.
  • Source a new designer if you haven’t got one already or if you cannot make it yourself.

If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It

You don’t want to go throwing the baby out with the bath water (sorry for all the cliches) so you need to go through your existing site and see what can be salvaged. Personally, I really love the WordPress content management system for this reason because you can do a complete redesign and keep all of the blog content, pages and other features that really work. If your site is just in need of a face life then be careful not to discard great content!

Keep It Simple

It can be easy to want too much from a new website when you should really be using a revamp as a chance to pair things back a bit. Think of a new website upgrade as a type of digital pruning. As I said above, you just need to add all those things you are missing, keep everything that is working for you and add a great visual design.

People want information from business websites but they don’t want to be overloaded. Just because you are an expert in your particular service or product doesn’t mean that your clients want to be. If they were, they wouldn’t need you for anything would they?

I hope this helps you when thinking about your next website spring cleaning (as I have been doing myself at the moment) so if you want to see my professional services page please visit my website from the top menu via “hire me for a project”. Thanks and good luck and wishing you all the online business success in the world!