Why Australia’s NBN is no longer true ‘broadband’

I hate copper - not the actual metal - as it is blameless in the debacle that has become the National Broadband Network in Australia. Under the Liberal - National Party coalition the NBN has been transformed from a standardised FIBRE broadband network to one that...
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Dream Create Grow Online Marketing Series

My name is Kevin Halliday and I started Social Step to bring my own experience and knowledge to offer a personalised and professional service to all sizes of business. I also really love local businesses, but at the same time understand that the world is changing at a...
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Why it’s time to rejuvenate your Facebook page

1.7 billion active monthly users, 1.25 billion mobile users and 900 million active users - these are the staggering statistics of Facebook user activity. 49% customers support brands through their Facebook pages. These numbers are proof enough for businesses to have a...
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The Slow & Painful Death of Google Plus?

Google has released further announcements that for many commentators see as signs of the immienent death of Google Plus - the search giants own attempt at a social media network. Putting aside the possibility of a walking dead version of a social media network, the...

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How to get free Facebook likes in 2015

So you've created your Facebook business page, adding a few status updates and still.... nothing. The problem is, as you have probably noticed already, that you don't have an audience yet. The audience of your Facebook page when you are starting out is anyone who...

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