One of Malcolm Turnbull’s election promises when he was still the communications minister (biding his time to try and kill off Tony Abbott) was that he would make the NBN:

Cheaper, faster and stronger

That should have read – more expensive, slower and delicate. Lucky for the voting public and those of us who were counting on finally getting a stable internet service to operate our businesses – NBN Co has been leaking like the Titanic lately. Here are just a few of the items that have come up:

  • The copper and HFC networks Malcolm Turnbull paid a fortune to Telstra and Optus for are complete garbage. (Read more here)
  • So much so that inside NBN Co the HFC rollout is being called “OPERATION CLUSTERF*&^#” (yes, REALLY!)
  • The NBN is abandoning Malcolm Turnbull’s plans for the expensive, slow and electricity hungry FTTN (fibre to the ‘node’) technology for a fibre to the “pit” or distribution point option. (Read more here)

There is literally a flood of bad news coming from Malcolm Turnbull’s increasingly dysfunctional government. This is deeply concerning to the small and medium business community in Australia because it such an essential infrastructure project.

What is most concerning is that Malcolm Turnbull basically hobbled the project after a few visits to Fox Studios (even making the announcement there) post election. Now as Prime Minister we have a man who seems to have ignored all reasonable advice concerning the National Broadband Network and simply decided to use it as a political football.

Meanwhile, the Central Coast just north of Sydney is bearing the full brunt of Malcolm Turnbull’s copper monster as Internet coverage on the FTTN system is apparently patchy at best.

This completely adhoc system has been foisted upon an electorate as a bargain basement alternative to a sustainable and future friendly full fibre network.

This shows that Malcolm Turnbull places little value in the voters of Australia nor the businesses of Australia.

Let’s just hope that the era of Malcolm Turnbull’s shoddy and unreliable “multi technology” broadband system is dead before it even begins. Especially with fibre options becoming cheaper and cheaper – meanwhile NBN Co just keeps buying copper!

It is certainly starting to look that way – “Fibre to the node may be a thing of the past for NBN” – Lateline