Yes, you would have already heard a great deal about putting your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google + and any other new social media network that is coming online as I write this. Most of you probably understand that it is important to put your business in the social sphere of the Internet but don’t really know how social media marketing will benefit you in the long term.


Your ‘go to’ social media platform

I am a firm believer that small businesses should have a “go to” social media network that they concentrate their efforts on. I know that many social media experts will say not to put all of your eggs in one basket, but this often repeated cliche is pointless for the small business. Currently, with my own small business “Social Step” – I work with other businesses to provide content, advertising and management of their Facebook pages.

One profile to rule them all!

I use Facebook as the “go to” example because, let’s face it, it’s where most of the people are still active. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Twitter and have used it since 2009, but it has been really effective for my art and writing but not so much for business. This doesn’t mean your business can’t use additional social media platforms now or in the future, it just means that you should try and build at least one really strong profile.

Why build one strong social media profile?

In the long term, your business is likely to expand if you do your social media marketing and other marketing correctly. If you have one really strong social media presence then it is much easier to build up new social media profiles using your existing presence. This can be as simple as posting on your Facebook page (for example) that you are also on Instagram, Twitter etc etc at regular intervals.


The long term effect of your social media presence will be felt by:

  • Direct contact with current and future customers
  • Improvement in search engine rankings thanks to social metrics
  • Increase in trustworthiness as your social media profile ages and grows

This is just one of the short tips and lessons I will be posting to Online Business Thought for any small business or startup looking to make an impact online. You can also visit Social Step if you want to learn how you can save time managing your Facebook page for your business.

Thanks for reading and remember to share!