The Year the Dot-Com Bubble Burst

Image by GDS Infographics via Flickr

If you are realistic about the internet you would know that none of it is really ‘free’. Sure, we can jump online, tweet, like some stuff on facebook and google the hell out of ourselves but who are we fooling? The entire internet is built on expensive hardware and telecommunications systems that have taken a lot of money, time and technology to setup. For too long many of us have assumed that everything online is free and this is what happened to the original inhabitants of the dot com boom… all dead now of course.

The Second Dot Com Boom?

With Facebook all atwitter with its news about how much it is worth “hypothetically’ of course the internet has been getting read to make some serious money. But , really, how much can possibly be made from the internet? Google is doing well for itself by overcharging for advertising and underpaying to display it on peoples sites. This is the only business model that seems to work for the most successful companies – destroy all competition and then do what you like. Facebook did the same with Myspace, remember them? Apparently an idiotic Justin Timberlake has bought it now… whyyyyyyyy?

Why We Should All Close Our Adblockers

With the days of annoying popup ads gone and the days of more subtle and less in your face internet advertising here, only the insane would hit anyone with too much obtrusive advertising. Well, unless your facebook, then you can get really in everyone’s face, steal as much personal information as you like and hand that over to soft drink companies looking to get kids hooked on their latest soda pop! But, for the little guys trying to run a few honest websites it is the same as going to the local service station, filling up on gas and not feeling like you want to pay.

I am not condoning advertising, but it is really the only way websites have of turning what they have into a job or promoting what they do. My actual business website I have for clients of my photography and writing has no advertising, while my portfolio of websites garners thousands and thousands of visitors and adblockers means no-one is viewing the advertising. It is sort of like running your own business and checking the cameras at the end of trade and seeing all the people you had in the store were shoplifting 🙂

The Unkown Ad-Free Road Ahead

A someone who is University educated in how media and marketing tends to move ahead, I know people are only fooling themselves if they think they are still not being advertised to despiute having ads blocked. Businesses and companies will always find a way to advertise, and especially on the lucrative online market. This is why we may see an end to traditional internet advertising (and with the it the collapse of Googe) to be replaced by more interactive advertising of the like already seen within some bloggers that endorse products.

I hope you are all staying safe and well on the world wide web as we move towards a new tomorrow online and offline. One thing is sure, as long as the power is still running the internet will be here as the NEW source of entertainment, information and shopping. So don’t delay bringing your business up to speed or starting your own new venture online. Be sure to check out our other tips and original discussions on Online Business Thought the thinkiest business website online!