The biggest problem I came across when I started to write online was finding enough time to have everything updated regularly. If you didn’t know, Google sees how often your site is updated as a sign within their algorithm. This doesn’t mean that you need to post everyday, but rather post regularly and not leave the site idling for too long.I have found, after more and more writing work has come my way, and still running all of my websites, that being organised and finding time to write is even more important.

When Should I Write?

I have been asked when do I get the time to write everything I post online. Well, right now it is quite early in the morning and I have a bit of spare time, drinking juice and waiting to start some other work. It really isn’t too complicated you just need to:

  • Notice those times that you have free.
  • Jump on the computer if you are at home.
  • Bring a laptop or net-book with you when you go out.
  • Choose between writing directly on the blog or saving on your computer.

I am saying it is ‘simple’ to do this, but believe me I know how hard it can be between fulltime jobs, writing and everything else you might have going on in your life. However, if you really look at what you are spending your time on you only really need to find 30 minutes out of your day to have a fully functioning blog.

Planning Ahead for Your Writing

I used to find it difficult to plan what I was going to write about before I wrote it and actually thought it impinged my creativity a little bit. However, these days I am more and more busy with so many clients to write for and my own projects that I find it necessary to plan every detail. The most important thing is to set yourself a time schedule for how often you want stuff published on your blog.

This is so you can schedule posts to your blog and write a lot more when you have free time. It will also let you know when you are not posting to your blog for some period of time. Personally, I have indicators set up for all of my blogs so I know when I have to spend a little time there. This also gives me a chance to look at what I need changing on each site when I go on to publish.

Don’t Force It!

Also, remember not to force it, there are many times I have forced myself to blog and the results have been, how can I say this? Uninspired. This is especially true if you just want to blog for fun, you shouldn’t be trying to make it work. Even if it is for your business, make it a fun time of your day or week, especially if you have a lot of stress. This way your business blog will be awesome and it will give you a much needed break from the daily grind.