It’s no secret that Facebook killed organic reach over the last few years as it implemented a push towards paid advertising. For many business page owners this was understandable, Facebook is a business too after all! However, it’s now become clear to most people who have been using the page feature for some time that even organic reach to actual page fans is now at rock bottom.

This is understandably frustrating when you consider the amount of irrelevant rubbish that now infects the newsfeed – mostly “funny” videos and completely unoriginal (and often stolen) content. This post isn’t to discuss if organic reach is dead (it certainly is compared to before) but WHY Facebook would drive its bread and butter content producers into the ground this way.

Facebook now has shareholders to please

The Facebook public offering was a big milestone for page owners, and most of the extreme drops can be traced to just before and just after the initial public offering. Now that Facebook is a publicly listed company it no longer has any goals at all, except to increase profit.

This has meant the majority of Facebook page operators now have to fork out money just so their actual fans can see their posts.

Facebook is flooded with more and more posts

The other problem that Facebook has faced is the sheer volume of posts. Even Twitter has now adopted a more algorithmic approach to what people see. Personally, though, I now find both platforms sterile and showing me generic ‘popular’ content. Your simple update is now lost in the sea of updates that nobody sees on Mark Zuckerburg’s monolithic site.

Facebook wants to compete with Youtube

If your news feed now consists solely of stolen Youtube videos on Facebook then you’re not alone. Facebook’s goal in the last few years was to mount a challenge to the ever dominant Youtube. However, the way they have gone about driving up video views is laughable. Autoplay is enabled by default on every account and even when you scroll past it counts as a “view”. As mentioned earlier, Facebook is now a publicly listed company so the numbers look great on paper, in reality it’s a whole stream of stolen, unoriginal content that now makes up the bulk of Facebook and business as well as original content producers suffer.

Facebook has lost its key demographic – young people

The effects of all of the above seems to have been the departure of Facebook’s previously key demographic – young people. They’re now on Snapchat and even on rival Twitter to escape older relatives that have now taken over the site – as well as to seek out original content as seen on sites like Vine and even the now ageing Youtube.

This isn’t a call to abandon Facebook – please don’t misunderstand me, as I still use it for a great deal of business marketing. However, the best results are now seen with the paid advertising which has targeted options unsurpassed on the internet. It’s time to face the Facebook facts and know that organic reach on Facebook is never coming back.