There are a lot of misconception and perceptions about Instagram. Many believe that it is yet another social media fad that only the youth uses. You might ask, “what’s a big deal about posting pictures?”. And if you have a business, you might ask, “how is Instagram help grow my business?”. You can drive new sales with Instagram, as well as, acquire and engage both new and existing customers via it.

How to drive new sales with Instagram?

Instagram has over 200 million (and counting) monthly active users. The platform is ideal for both small and large businesses to drive sales and build a brand value.

Use Hashtags Strategically

More than driving new sales with Instagram, you should focus on engaging your customers. The key is to grow your follower list. Sharing posts and images is important to grab user attention but using strategy is mandatory. Hashtags is not only a Twitter phenomenon. They are an ideal SEO and organic traffic source.

How do hashtags help?

Hashtags are similar to search engine robots. They assist in getting your posts on Instagram to the target audience. With the strategic use of hashtags in every image and post that you share on Instagram, you can connect with the right audience and build a brand value.

However, many believe that the increased use of hashtags on anything and everything will expand customer reach. It’s a big mistake, and you should avoid it. Use the right hashtag, if you want to get access to the right audience. If you sell bags, then don’t use #coolboots before a bag image. It’s misleading, as well as, ineffective. The best thing to do is conduct keyword research and use hashtags as per trends.

Partner With Other Brands

Getting access to a wider audience, securing a higher rate of engagement and number of likes requires partnering up with relevant and bigger brands. To drive new sales with Instagram, you need to focus on creating an impact with every content that you publish on Instagram.

There is nothing better than referral marketing. And you can do so by partnering with brands that your target audience is engaged with on Instagram.

How to go about it?

  • Send invitation to brands and individuals on Instagram who are part of the influencer marketing niche.
  • Look for accounts that contain email addresses. These profiles are usually open to sponsored content. Get in touch with them via emails and pitch in the idea for endorsing your product/brand on their account.
  • Do product placement to grab hold of the similar audience.
  • Schedule Post – It’s All About Timing

Instagram – no doubt – is a super user-friendly social media platform. You can post pictures with perfection through the use of filters and other editing features, add hashtags for boosting organic search traffic and more. However, driving new sales with Instagram will require more than just using these tactics.

It’s all about posting at the right time, at the right place. If you want to get to a targeted reach, it is important to optimize posts and distribute them as per a particular schedule. You will find many online tools that help in content distribution across various social media platforms. These tools allow users to schedule posts as per the availability of one’s customer or audience availability.