If you are online looking for marketing ideas related to your business you have probably seen people selling app creation services. Don’t get me wrong, apps for IPhone, Android and Windows 8 phones are great but does your business really need one? Let’s start with the basics…

Are people even visiting your website?

If you are thinking that an app will boost your business when your website visitor numbers are dismal then you need to take a look at your marketing plan (or write one!) an app is not an instant fix. Apps have to have a purpose for existing and in the tough ecosystem of modern technology most apps die a slow and painful death.

Alternatives to phone apps

So you’re still thinking about paying someone a big bag of money to build you an app your customers can download? Here is a hit of reality for you – you only need to make your website 100% mobile friendly and it will be much more beneficial to your business. People don’t want cluttered phone menus filled with pointless commercial apps and even the ones that download them rarely use them.

Most businesses neglect making their websites responsive and mobile friendly. This is a much cheaper option and will give you access to a wider range of visitors that will be more likely to stay on your website.

So what is responsive design?

Responsive design is just a term that means the design responds to the window size or screen size of the website viewer. So, for someone on a desktop the website will look different, but the site will adjust for that same person who looks at your site from their phone or tablet. You can even do it with this website – just resize your browser to see what I mean. There are more powerful website design options but if you want something to start out with then a responsive website or WordPress theme is your best bet.