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Editors note: I have since thought over the idea, and running a few enterprises myself I had to think this may be a big time saver for some operators. Personally, I love to play around with wp-ecommerce even though it can be buggy and hard to setup. Big Commerce is also a an Aussie startup so they deserve all the success! So while there are alternatives to Big Commerce, there aren’t many good ones that do what does, so it may hard to determine a correct product value. It will save you time, but time is money!

Sites like is another example of developers taking pre-existing ideas, putting a pretty ribbon on it and selling it for a premium. With a monthly cost of at least $24.95 US there are many cheaper alternatives that will give you a better chance pf succeeding online. With something like BigCommerce, you are stuck with their products, their system and their charges.

Alternative Ecommerce Platforms

It is much easier using WordPress or other similar content management systems with one of the many popular plugins that can often be bought for about the same price as the monthly fee for the commerce website. In fact, it was the amount of money that they could make that lead the founders of this company to charge a monthly fee rather than provide good quality, complete software solutions.

This is essentially the give them the razors, sell them the blades mentality that was so successful for shaving companies. However, are online ecommerce operators really so stupid? It seems so with their success so far.

Assuming You Can’t Do It is gaining popularity by convincing people that they cannot possibly run a complete, robust site when they are starting out. However, even if you take the yearly cost it would be to use (minimum $299.40 in America) you could easily head to and have someone set up a swanky, brand new Ecommerce site that you have much lower overheads on.

So don’t assume you can’t have the best of websites online and throw your money away to convenient solutions. Rather, outsource anything you can’t do and if you can’t afford to do it locally find capable talent overseas.