I hate copper – not the actual metal – as it is blameless in the debacle that has become the National Broadband Network in Australia. Under the Liberal – National Party coalition the NBN has been transformed from a standardised FIBRE broadband network to one that really just can’t be called broadband anymore.

There were so many analogies (like have dirt tracks as freeway exits) that the IT community in Australia used to try and convey WHY Malcolm Turnbull was hell bent on destroying something that is more important to the country than any Snowy River hydro project, or other nation building project EVER.

Even as I write this, our FIBRE TO THE NODE connection has been lost twice. This isn’t a surprise considering the unreliability of copper compared to fibre for a stable connection. What is surprising is that the National Party, (now headed by Barnaby Joyce) has been complicit in ensuring Australian rural communities are left behind in the information age.

Barnaby doesn’t care because the Labor party version of the NBN (the TRUE FIBRE NBN) is running great in Armidale, part of his electorate.

I am afraid that no matter what Australia does at this point, we are already left well behind the developed world we purport to be a part of. I am still yet to reach speeds here in Australia I became accustomed to living in a provincial city in South Korea more than a decade ago!

Many of us with businesses with a reliance on an internet connection (ALL OF US!) will continue to suffer all for political point scoring. Our telecommunications infrastructure should be a bipartisan issue, with a clear set of targets for anyone in charge – especially in terms of internet reliability and speed – both upload and download speed.

If you are an Australian business make sure you let your local member know what you think of their handling of the NBN and the cost explosion – now about the same  and possibly more expensive than a full fibre system – and what it means for your productivity.

Thank you for letting me have my Online Business Thought rant for the week 🙂