Article marketing is one of the most popular methods of getting links into your site and establishing yourself as an expert in your particular niche. However, with all of the updates that Google has carried out over the last year is it still relevant? As with most things regarding the Internet the answer is both yes and no and will depend on:

  • Who you are writing for
  • What your links are like
  • Where you are publishing

If any of these questions are answered with an “I DON’T KNOW!” then you are already in trouble. If you want to succeed online you have to be as highly targeted as you can be and any guest posts you write need to be engaging and relevant to your links. If there is one thing that Google hates, it is content that is obviously created with ONLY the intention of gaining link juice to your website.

The Death of Old School Article Marketing

The old way to carry out article marketing was to just write as much semi-related (or even unrelated) content as you could and get it published anywhere and everywhere, preferably on high PR (page rank) sites. This type of online marketing is now in its final stages of death unfortunately and many search engine optimisation people still stick with it. This is great news for the real creative types out there that are willing to create engaging content that readers love.

This is by no means is the death of SEO as a service but rather an evolution of that service. As Google’s algorithm continues to improve and become more and more sophisticated it means that anyone looking to outsource their article writing services to non-English speaking people, or even computer programs (yes, much of the spam you see is computer generated articles or written by “SEO experts”) will be punished in the search rankings.

What The New Article Marketing Means for Writers

For current online writers it means that they can finally concentrate on what they do best: writing. Instead of having to throw keywords in just for the sake of it or write link bait articles that nobody will ever read. This includes the ever popular “How to” and “Top 10” articles that seem to be produced by large teams of monkeys hidden away in a basement somewhere with a fast internet connection. With the slow collapse of traditional media like newspapers and magazines this means the sub-par bloggers out there will also be increasingly competing with professional journalists.

This makes me happy! The more quality content that is out there on the internet the better, and it will also mean that the steep learning curve that professional writers must face will begin to be applied to writing online as well. If you don’t believe me, then try writing a properly researched and interesting article for your blog along the lines of something you will find in a magazine. You will notice that Google will love stuff like this, but hate little posts about how long your fingernails have grown.

If you are starting out writing online, don’t let this worry you. All you need to do to get your guest posts published and remaining effective for increasing your search rankings is to explore what professional writers do online. This doesn’t mean copy, it means learn! Check their formatting, style and subjects and see how you can use this in your own writing. These are tools that you need in your writing tool kit and as the Internet becomes increasingly competitive writing compelling blog posts can really help your website gain traction.