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The PPC market may be booming for companies like Google but the returns given to actual publishers are very low. Google itself takes most of the money payed for a ‘click’ so are there any alternatives to Google’s adsense program? Unfortunately, after trying many of them myself I have to conclude that no, there isn’t. I have trialled the Adbrite advertising systems for the last month and, if anything, they seem to devalue your website.

How Can Ads Devalue My Website?

If you are thinking you can monetize your site in every way possible and then it will increasingly earn m0re money then think again. You need to seriously consider how your ads affect the viewers on your site. Unfortunately the Adbrite inline text ads (different than traditional PPC) seem like a good idea but they are amazingly annoying. A good rule of thumb I use is to read through your site yourself and see if you find the ads really annoying or not too bad.

Why Is Adsense the Best?

Adsense is the best PPC advertising system simply because it is the largest and not because of any special formula that Google has. In fact, you will find Google an almost laughable company to deal with and encounter possibly the worst customer service you can imagine. While they are more than happy to take your money they do not want to bother with anyone with a smaller Google account. While Adsense is good, it is slowly dying out as consumers increasingly block ads and refuse to ‘click’ on banner advertising.

What About Google in the Future?

If Google does not change its attitude to its customers and PPC then you may see Google disappearing in the next few years despite its popularity at the moment. For a company this large it has to have the worst customer service in the world and a “built to fail” mentality of just buying out any and all competition. This means that Google has now lost its innovative edge which it had in the past.

Should I Try AdBrite?

If you are looking to add a little bit of extra income into your blog or website then by all means you can incorporate adbrite PPC code into your site. Be warned however, that a lot of the advertisers are less than great, and you will be making a few cents at a time. I will be posting some better alternatives to PPC advertising as the internet evolves away from its old ways of banner ads. Remember, almost all of your banner ads WILL be blocked by visitors to your sites. If you cannot see ads on this site then you are blocking them too. Good luck with your online business adventures!