We have recently partnered up with Social Step – my own Australian social media content and marketing business. I have to say it has been incredibly enjoyable pulling at all my creative strings as well as technical know how to get everything working the way I want it to. The idea behind Social Step is still organically developing even as I write this but the idea was really born out of my own past struggles with social media. When you start out marketing anything you always face competition and standing out from that competition can be extremely difficult.




This is especially true when it comes to being heard online. The double edged sword of social media is this: there are millions of people using social media that you can have access to – the flip side is that there are scores of businesses, organisations and individuals also vying for users’ attention.

The Social Step Pitch!


That’s a short overview but it goes deeper than that. I really want this business to not only help businesses, but also dedicate every bit of spare time to promoting not for profit organisations or individuals that need help. That is where the “Social” part comes in. The message itself is already hitting the mark:



What I am really excited about is combining my art, writing and social media skills for future clients. I always make sure I am testing, testing and testing again before applying strategies for clients, so I guess I treat most of my own projects (and not clients) as guinea pigs (which is the reason for this video)


Hope you love the campaign, make sure you like the page and get in touch if you want awesome social media content created for your business or organisation.