Adding Images to Your Blog Posts

Adding images to your blog post can create a more professional looking website and help you engage with your visitors. However, this can be difficult if you are short on time or are not able to take your own photographs. Don’t worry though, there are lots of...
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Forget the Link Building of the Past

I still receive junk emails offering me thousands of links for a bargain price and wonder how many websites (especially businesses) use these services. I started this blog some time ago and since I have started only writing about writing on here I wanted to cover some...
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Changing Your Blog Writing Style

It can be really difficult to adapt your writing to the right audience by changing your style. We can all get stuck in the same old writing routine and begin to come across as boring and robotic. So how can you spice things up a little bit? Use Props and Gimmicks! Be...
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Google to stop right column ads

In a sign of the continued dominance of mobile advertising for the Adwords and Adsense platforms, Google is ditching all ads shown on the right of search results. Usually, after a Google search, users on desktop would be shown paid advertisements on the right hand... read more

More than Words for your Business Website

The problem with SEO and IT companies is that they are staffed with people that are great with coding and technical issues but when it comes to writing and understanding content they are found wanting. Everyone involved with online content production loves to use the... read more

The Slow & Painful Death of Google Plus?

Google has released further announcements that for many commentators see as signs of the immienent death of Google Plus – the search giants own attempt at a social media network. Putting aside the possibility of a walking dead version of a social media network,... read more

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